Wednesday, June 10, 2009

hmmm rant, rant...which rant to choose

Enter the rant.

My rant today is one that hits home with me and my girlfriend.

For years the government has been taking taxes off us folks to run the country. This is a necesarry thing, its like any businesss, it needs money to operate.

Out of these taxes there are things that are supposed to be paid medical,welfare, unemployment, disability...etc.

Now Lisa, my loving girlfriend, has had since the day she was born a medical file larger than 90% of us will ever have in our lifetime. Last year when she tried to apply for disability, they declined her on the basis that I made too much money...huh...I just dont get this reasoning they are laying down.

I will save the numbers for the end..but let me get this straight, "I" made too much money. Not Lisa, me. Since when did this ever become about me. It is about a person who has disabilities. Not about their spouses, who if they were jerks could turn her and her daughter out on the streets without a dime to their name. (not that I would just a "for instance")

Well then the government could give her her disability through welfare. But this would take 6-8 weeks to process. Once again huh?

For years we have all seen people abuse the system, claiming disability when they are truly fit to work, or claiming ailments that cannot be medically proven both mental and physical, and able to live off the money they receive. When a true case comes up where someone can prove what they have, she gets declined on the basis that her spouse makes too much money.

To put this in perspective, at birth lisa was born with these problems.

-deformation, extra digit on left hand.... cosmetic surgery removed thumb and left the extra digit to service as a thumb but it does not have same muscle structure as thumb..try sorting papers using only your fingers, you may be able to do it...but it is a hell of a lot harder.

-imperforate anus... or in laymans terms, no opening from bowels to outside of body..or muscles to control was done to create the opening but still nothing to control them.

-Recto-vaginal fistula- once again laymans terms, instead of deficating through the anus the bowels are excreted through the vagina-with above surgery this was corrected.

-fused neck and where the spine connects to the pelvis..there is no surgery to correct this.

-3 holes in heart... one the size of a half dollar, one the size of a pencil eraser, and one the size of a needle...keep in mind this is on a newborn baby...their hearts are not soo big.

-superior vana-cava detour......meaning one of her major arteries takes a round about way of getting where it is supposed still gets there , but it has to work a lot harder.

-Prolapsed mitral valve...a valve in the heart that normally would close to prevent backflow of blood, works like an old style saloon door...opens both ways... also not corrected to this date, we do not know if that was not an option or chose not to.

This is just the list of stuff she was born on to the expaned list....

-at 13 months old she went into surgery to prolong her life so that she might survive the open heart surgery planned for her in the future.what this consisted of was to go in through the side of her chest and put a rubber band around the pulmonary artery to slow the flow of blood into the lungs, which were filling up.

-at 4 1/2 years old she died...while being checked into the hospital a few days early for her open heart surgery..she died..they resucitated..and bumped her surgery up to the next day.The operation was to go in and close the two largest holes in her heart, leaving the third one to close on its own. at 4 1/2 she had a surgery that has scarred her physically and emotionally for life. She to this day can not watch any scene in a show that has an autopsy being done or any cutting on a persons chest.. and has the Y incission of a john doe " her words".

-at the age of 15 diagnosed went from 17 degrees to 47 degrees in 6 months, forcing an operation. This operation includes a complimentry two feet of stainless steel and 8 titanium hooks, permanently installed in your back.

-at the age of 17 diagnosed with asthma. no explanation needed here.

-at the age of 20 she gave birth via 'c' section, yet another operation...shortly there after she developed allergies and became lactose intollerant. Combine this with lack of sphincter control ( scroll to at birth issues, or if you need explaining the muscle that holds the poop in) and you get a large mess.( at this point IBS is diagnosed as well, but cannot be clinicaly proven as it is related to stress.

-at 25 went in for an angiogram..for those who dont know this is where they take a tube...and shove it up one of your major arteries all the way to your heart , inject die, and take pictures....while you are awake.if you thought getting a needle was bad...try something the size of your headphone wires ..not afraid of a lil ole needle anymore are ye?

-at the age of 27 carpal tunnel in both hands.quite ironically was diagnosed when she was taking a course for medical office assistant..get a career and a free set of carpal tunnel.

-at 30 ruptured a disc in her spine, pinching a nerve as well.

-at 32 she met me...worst disease of them all.

now if anyone can say they come close to theis list... you have my one should endure this much. for the rest of us however. try doing your job, realizing you have to go to the bathroom and 1/2 a second later realizing your too late. Try sorting your papers without a thumb.. and then 10 minutes later have your carpal tunnel kick in...try not doing physical labour because the doctors tell you your heart may not be able to take it. try to imagine sitting in a chair for an 8 hour shift with a spine that does not bend. Imagine being able to medically prove that you are unable to work and the government declines you on the fact that your husband or boyfriend makes too much money. Now imagine your boyfriend only pulled in 35,000 last year to support 3 people.

to quote a friend of mine.Justified or decide.


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