Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day one, first post....who the hell am I

Why a blog?

An old friend started a blog just recently, in it he re-tells stories from his past, and relates current events in his life.

I thought to myself, you know maybe if I get all my ranting and raving out, that perhaps my mind would slow down enough to deal with what is important in life, living it.

I then thought, it would be a good spot to list the mistakes I have made in my life, that by actually taking the time to acknowledge them , I could then move past them.

If anyone can learn from anything I post, they may be able to live a fuller life without ever having to make those mistakes. This is why a blog, to help myself and possibly help anyone else who happens to read it.

So...who am I?

Well my name is James . I am a 33 year old male living in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.
I am your average Joe. With an average Job...and yes at times I can be an A-hole ( if anyone caught on to the song reference)

I have no post graduate education, hell I made it to grade 9. So by no means can I claim that I know a damned thing about psychiatry, or politics. I guarantee you however that there will be some rants and mistakes posted involving these subjects.

I live with my wonderful Girlfriend of 3 years Lisa and her 15 year old daughter Izabeau, who thinks I am Satan reincarnated.

I smoke , I drink , I have my vices....I am human.

Religion wise, I choose to believe in myself, rather than put my faith and trust into something that I cannot prove exists. But to each their own I suppose.

In closing, why should you read the following posts I am going to write? What makes this blog special?

Truthfully, I couldn't care less if you come back on a regular basis to read this blog. I am getting my feelings out in order to move past hurdles that have been put in my way...hurdles that I put there myself. If you don't come back, its no skin off my nose, I just hope those who can benefit from learning from my mistakes, or the folks who need a different point of view on a rant explained to them, will make use of what I write down.

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